hey there! I’m Christian - a front-end developer/designer. This is my site with articles and tutorials.


Hooj Choons

August 1999-March 2004

I worked at Hooj as Webmaster/Graphic designer. While at Hooj I designed record label logos for our labels Precinct, Prolekult, Lost Language, Safety In Numbers

In my free time I designed record labels and logos for several artists and labels in and designed websites for Moby, Röyksopp and the record labels
Cuba Recordings and SexOnWax


March 2004 - April 2006

I worked as the webmaster for City16 which became one of the UK’s biggest independent dance music stores. I oversaw the launch of the UK’s first secure music download site by partnering with DX3 and Microsoft (we launched before iTunes in the UK). We licensed content from more than 150 record labels.

Open Source

I’ve been involved with open source for many years and have been a contributor to many projects including WordPress, Bootstrap and I’m a maintainer of the HTML5Boilerplate project.

This site

This site is built with Jekyll with the Minimal Mistakes theme. It’s hosted on GitHub with SSL/CDN provided by Cloudflare. All header images were created by converting bitmap images into vector images, exporting as SVG and then optimised with a Grunt script. The glitch effect is copied from Codrops