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I made a simple little Chrome extension to see how your site renders across a selection of common browsers and devices including:

  • Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11/10/9/8
  • Chrome 50
  • Firefox 45
  • Safari 9.1 (OS X El Capitan)
  • Google Nexus 6 (Android 5.0)
  • Google Nexus 9 (Android 5.0)
  • iPad Air (iOS 8.3)
  • iPhone 6 Plus (iOS 8.3)


Once installed simply click the icon icon when on a page you want to test.

It’s free to use (a BrowserStack account is not required).

Download on Chrome Webstore

UPDATE: 09/04/2019 Unfortunately Microsoft have removed the free BrowserStack testing service so this extension no longer works and has been unlisted.

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