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Posted: April 07, 2018

Once you’ve got a new site ready for launch it’s a good idea to run a number of tests to make sure it’s fast, secure, mobile-friendly and accessible. Here’s a list of some of my favourite services for site testing.

💻 General & Multipurpose

Browser extension that tests for SEO, speed and security best practices. Crawls your site checking multiple pages at once.

Performance, SEO, Social, Links, Popularity

Auditing, performance metrics, and best practices for Progressive Web Apps

Accessibility, security, interoperability and more

⚡ Performance

Page Speed


Pingdom Website Speed Test

Google’s Test Your Mobile Site’s Speed

GTMetrix PageSpeed Score

🔐 Security

SSL Server Test

Content Security Policy (CSP) Validator

Test security headers

HSTS Preload

🙂 Social Media Tags and Schema Markup

OpenGraph (Facebook Login required)

Open Graph Check

Twitter Cards (Twitter Login required)

Structured Data ( Testing Tool

Google Rich Results Test

📱 Mobile Friendliness

Bing Webmaster Mobile Friendliness Test Tool

Google Mobile Friendly Test Tool

Dead Link Checker

Have I missed a site? Feel free to open a PR on this list at GitHub


George Lamting

Hello ,

I wanted to thank you for pointing me to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool on your page here: However, after playing around with it, I got frustrated by the fact that it doesn’t let you interact with the page, and only gives you a picture of the upper part of the page. So I went ahead and searched for a better tool and found this one –, that doesn’t just show you a picture of the page, but actually lets you scroll up and down and even sideways) - that’s what I guess we all really need. Yes, I was amazed too that it’s better than Google’s 😊 So I thought that since you got me to Google’s tool first, I would return the favor, so you can share that improved tool with other users on your page. Hope I helped.

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