Website Testing Tools


Once you’ve got a new site ready for launch it’s a good idea to run a number of tests to make sure it’s fast, secure, mobile-friendly and accessible. Here’s a list of some of my favourite services for site testing.

💻 General & Multipurpose

Performance, SEO, Social, Links, Popularity

Auditing, performance metrics, and best practices for Progressive Web Apps

Accessibility, security, interoperability and more

⚡ Performance

Page Speed


Pingdom Website Speed Test

Google’s Test Your Mobile Site’s Speed

GTMetrix PageSpeed Score

🔐 Security

SSL Server Test

Content Security Policy (CSP) Validator

🙂 Social Media Tags and Schema Markup

OpenGraph (Facebook Login required)

Open Graph Check

Twitter Cards (Twitter Login required)

Structured Data ( Testing Tool

Google Rich Results Test

📱 Mobile Friendliness

Bing Webmaster Mobile Friendliness Test Tool

Google Mobile Friendly Test Tool

Have I missed a site? Feel free to open a PR on this list at GitHub



George Lamting

Hello ,

I wanted to thank you for pointing me to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool on your page here: However, after playing around with it, I got frustrated by the fact that it doesn’t let you interact with the page, and only gives you a picture of the upper part of the page. So I went ahead and searched for a better tool and found this one –, that doesn’t just show you a picture of the page, but actually lets you scroll up and down and even sideways) - that’s what I guess we all really need. Yes, I was amazed too that it’s better than Google’s 😊 So I thought that since you got me to Google’s tool first, I would return the favor, so you can share that improved tool with other users on your page. Hope I helped.

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