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Inspired by Wes Bos’ Uses page - the hardware and software I use for web development on a daily basis.



I occasionally work on macOS too with most of the above and also:


When I’m on the move I use:


Other notable office equipment:


  • Apple One Services Bundle - I use Apple Music daily, and occasionally enjoy Apple TV+ shows, Apple Arcade games, use 1TB of iCloud storage and read News+ and Fitness+ daily
  • Bitwarden excellent open-source password management (only $10 per year for Premium features)
  • BrowserStack Cross-device testing
  • Coil - reward the content creators on the web, free from advertising for just $5 per month.
  • CloudFlare - CDN and SSL for this site
  • GitHub Pro - Well worth $48 per year for GitHub Pages, traffic stats and all the other benefits.
  • Plausible Analytics - privacy-friendly website analytics
  • Wise - great service for transferring money between currencies at very low rates (Affiliate link - get £15 off with first transfer)