What’s New in Safari for iOS 11.3


The iOS 11.3 update, available now as a developer and public beta and expected for launch to all in Spring brings several new features to Safari including access to several new Web APIs - Service Workers, Payment Request API, HTMLImageElement.decode(), Directory Upload and Beacon API.

Silent Video as an <img>

It’s now possible to use a silent video in place of an animated GIF (as the file sizes are usually smaller),

<img src="funny-cat.mp4" alt="">

Of course, most other browsers don’t support this but there’s a solution with a fallback:

  <source srcset="funny-cat.mp4" type="video/mp4">
  <img src="funny-cat.gif" alt="">

Experimental Features

Futhermore - there are six new additions in Settings > Safari > Advanced > Experimental

  • Accessibility Object Model Link
  • Cache API Link
  • ImageBitmap and Offscreen Canvas Link
  • Link Preload Link
  • ServiceWorkers Link
  • Storage Access API Link
  • VisualViewportAPI Link

Read more about Safari for iOS 11.3 at apple.com

I’m hoping that support for inputmode and datalist will be added to a future version of Safari.

And the ability to access developer tools or at the very least view page source from an iPad would be very helpful.


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