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GitHub’s App Marketplace has a range of useful tools and services. I use a few of them on a free tier which I recommend for open-source projects:

Imgbot #

This one is my favourite - it’ll automatically losslessly optimise all images in your repos and open a PR with a table outlining the filesize savings.

It’s free to use (for public repos) and works flawlessly. Even if you already optimize images it’s still worth installing this as it can further optimize.


AccessLint #

This bot will review PRs and leave comments about any accessability issues, for example an alt tag missing from an image.


Dependabot #

Automatic PRs opened when any dependency are updated. Requires a package.json


Snyk #

Get notified about any packages in your projects with vulnerabilities.


Have I missed any good ones? Drop a comment below if there’s one I should checkout.

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